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Report: Juventus make new €19 million offer for Aleksandr Golovin

We’re getting ... closer?

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Aleksandr Golovin, the Russian midfielder subject to a fair amount of our attention this summer, is a man in demand. Juventus want him. Juve have even tabled a bid or two to try and get him before the rest of the big-money crew across Europe try and spoil the party.

Those two reported bids have been rejected by Golovin’s current club, CSKA Moskow.

It’s about the same kind of deal for what you’re about to read in the paragraph below.

Juventus delivered a new offer to CSKA for Golovin, but the Russian club has the intention to reject the Bianconeri offer worth 19 million euros plus bonus and leaving in the 10% future sale fee for the player. Considering the performances from the Russian player at the World Cup, CSKA has raised the price for the player: 25-30 million euros.

(Source: Gianluca Di Marzio)

You see, the thing that pops off the page to me isn’t that Juve has reportedly submitted another bid and that figure isn’t to CSKA Moskow’s liking. Nah, I expected all of that to happen because Golovin is a wanted commodity and even before we knew that Juve bid €19 million plus bonuses it was bound to get rejected.

It’s the final line of Di Marzio’s report:

It remains to be seen if Juventus will comeback for another bid.

We don’t know what Juventus’ max dollar figure is in the case of trying to acquire Golovin. But as reports continue to swirl that Chelsea and Barcelona are circling, the possibility of CSKA creating some kind of bidding war during the rest of Russia’s time at the World Cup and then after the tournament comes to a close looks more and more like a possibility.

Soooooo ... outbidding in progress?

Who knows.

But here’s the thing: As much as we can sit here and say that Juve have agreed to personal terms with Golovin before the World Cup really got going, that can only go so far. CSKA have seen what Golovin has done at the World Cup and sees the perfect chance to jack up the price for what is now a very in-demand commodity.

We could very well see Golovin end up as a Juventus player for something around that €25 million price tag we’ve been hearing about for a few weeks now. Or, we could see Juventus get completely outbid and see CSKA’s asking price go up and up and up. It’s one way ... or another.