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Report: Joao Cancelo’s deal with Juventus will be a straight sale, not a loan

Valencia are demanding straight cash, homie, and it looks like Juve are ready to cooperate.

Portugal vs Saudi Arabia - International Friendly Photo by Carlos Rodrigues/Getty Images

With the signing of Emre Can becoming official, one of the major boxes for the summer has now been checked. And, as cliché as it sounds, Beppe Marotta and his crew of very, very good front office co-workers can move on to trying to complete other deals that will — hopefully — improve the squad before preseason training begins next month.

One of those deals that looks as though it’s the most likely to happen is that involving Valencia right back Joao Cancelo.

And, as Thursday night was close to turning into Friday morning in Italy, the sense that Juve are closing in on a deal for the 24-year-old Cancelo hasn’t been cooled off at all.

Romano, who usually tweets in Italian and English, made this an Italian-only post. Therefore, we will go to the website of one of his colleagues, Gianluca Di Marzio, for the breakdown on things. Sez GDM:

Juventus and Valencia are nearing a completed agreement for Cancelo: the deal could be done in the next week. In the last few hours there have been new contacts for the fullback, the formula of the deal is for a straight sale, not a loan, and will cost Juve between €38-€40m. The figures and formula of the deal were put forth by Valencia in order to meet their requirements for FFP.

OK, so, to recap:

  • Juventus, as was reported 24 hours earlier, are getting close to securing their next right back.
  • The possibility of Cancelo’s deal with Juventus being a year-long loan with a mandatory buy option seems to be going out the flippin’ window.
  • The price tag being between €38 million and €40 million will now be an upfront transaction.
  • There’s still some details to work out, but all signs from reputable media outlets are saying that this deal is looking like it could be done as early as next week.

Some of that is different compared to the last round of reports surrounding Juventus’ rumored deal with Valencia. Some of it is pretty much right in line with what we heard on Wednesday night. That’s a good sign, I suppose.