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Emre Can, finally, arrives in Turin for his Juventus medical exams

No, seriously. This is real.

Liverpool FC v NK Maribor - UEFA Champions League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

For the last 24 hours or so, the words at the center of the Emre Can-to-Juventus talk was about when his medical exams were going to take place. It wasn’t if the deal was at the final stages of negotiation or close to being done, no; this was about Can being in Turin, on Thursday, to undergo his medical exams, with reports on top of the original reports by the same people only continuing to say that June 21, 2018, was going to be Can Day.

Time to report the following: Can, finally, has actually arrived in Turin and is going to be a handful of medical exams away from officially becoming a Juventus player.

No, seriously.

There is photo evidence of this. And it’s photo evidence courtesy of Juve’s official social media accounts. THEY WOULD NEVER LIE TO US.

After days, weeks and months surrounding talk of Can maybe or maybe not signing with Juventus on a free transfer this summer, this is the sign that many have been waiting for.

Can is here.

Can is looking kinda sorta like a Bond villain.

Can has a fresh new pair of shoes on and is ready to strap some wires up to his body so that Juve’s doctors can take some vital information and put the final stamp on his move to Serie A.

Can is set to become the latest in a long list of free transfer acquisitions in the summer transfer window by Juve director general Beppe Marotta. Names like Andrea Pirlo and Paul Pogba were the first on said list, with Can’s Germany national team teammate, Sami Khedira, also amongst that group. Where Can fits into the rankings of how said free transfers turn out still remains to be seen, obviously, but we now know he’s here. Following months and months of rumors and speculation in the Italian and English press, I’m so happy to say that it’s for real this time.