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Report: Juventus finalize deal for Emre Can

It’s ... happening?!

Huddersfield Town v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

The Emre Can transfer saga has gone on longer than I think anybody would have liked. We thought it might be over last summer, and it turned out to not be the case. We thought it might be done during the January transfer window this past season, but it wasn’t. Now, as the summer window officially opens things up for business, there’s always the status of Can’s potential move to Juventus hanging over our collective heads.

But there could be resolution coming.

And in relatively short order, too.

According to Sky Sport Italia’s Gianluca Di Marzio, Juventus and the 24-year-old Can have, at last, agreed to the contract that everybody has expected him to sign for months now. Yes, this comes nearly a week after Sport Mediaset reported that Can was scheduled to take his medical with Juventus all of 48 hours after his current team, Liverpool, lost to Real Madrid in the Champions League final.

That medical right after the grand finale in Kiev hasn’t taken place as far as we know, but there could be progress being made. Progress that involves this damn transfer becoming a1 reality — seriously.

Emre Can and Juventus, a marriage to come. The last details were resolved last night and the German will soon become a new reinforcement for the Bianconeri. Deal was reached with a four year contract and the player will have to undergo his medical visits and to sign his contract that will tie him to Juventus.

(Source: Gianluca Di Marzio)

If Di Marzio is to be believed, then Can will be signing a four-year contract rather than the five-year deal that has been widely discussed over the past handful of months. We don’t know how much Can will actually be paid per season, but one would think that it’s a nice little sum based on previous reports.

Like always, though, we’re left waiting for this transfer to actually become official.

We’ve been hearing the same stuff about it becoming a real deal for months and months and months now. It doesn’t matter if it’s from the English press or something that comes out in Italy, the fact that it’s been stretched out this long just shows how much can be said in the media without much no actually happening.

Just ask our friends at the Liverpool Offside about all they’ve heard about this Can transfer and it hasn’t actually happened yet as the calendar has now officially flipped to June.

Still, as we wait for Can to show up at J-Medical for his lengthy examinations and see this thing to be officially official, this seems to ring in my head:

Exactly, Sid. This almost certainly isn’t a Can-related tweet, but it’s pretty appropriate right now if you ask me. So, in a way, thank you very much, Sid.