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Reports: Emre Can to undergo Juventus medicals later this week

It’s ... happening?

Liverpool FC v NK Maribor - UEFA Champions League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

It’s been less than a week since Beppe Marotta declared his hopes that there would be a resolution regarding Emre Can signing with Juventus. Six days have gone, four days remain as of this post going live on this here Juventus blog.

If the latest round of reports coming out of Italy are correct, Marotta’s timetable for a resolution to this way-too-extended negotiation period with Can and his representatives.

Although it’s pretty easy to figure out what visite mediche stands for and there’s no need for any kind of Italian-to-English translation, here’s a tweet that sums up what Di Marzio is saying above:




Is it happening this time?

Ahem. Let’s get back on track here.

We’ve been down this reporting of Can’s medical exams taking place before. Those came out on the same day as the Champions League final last month, which just seemed like hilariously convenient timing seeing as Liverpool was about to play in said European title matchup against Real Madrid.

As is pretty well established at this point, Can’s medical never did happen the Monday after the Champions League final. Instead, the days following the initial report of medicals happening were filled with other rumors about a deal between Can and Juventus actually being completely (for the most part).

Now as we sit here in the second half of June and Can’s contract with Liverpool is entering its final days — even though we know he’s leaving the club already — we have another report that he will be in Turin for his much-anticipated medical exams.

We get to now see if Marotta’s 10-day timetable for Can’s deal with Juventus possibly getting done is right on the money. If not, then it will kinda just be more of the same when it comes to a deal that has stretched on for months ... and months ... and months. Basically, much longer than any of us thought it would.