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Report: Mario Mandzukic wants to stay at Juventus

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Real Madrid v Juventus - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final Second Leg Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

When looking outside Juventus’ Magnificent 5, the players who have been around for all seven of the seven straight Scudetti, there might not be a better example of grinta than Mr. No Good himself, Mario Mandzukic.

Despite that, the rumblings about Mandzukic potentially leaving Turin this summer have been a small piece of the Mr. No Good equation the past few weeks.

There may be a resolution in all of the speculation.

According to Tuttosport — don’t stop reading this post after seeing those three words — Mandzukic has decided that his immediate future will involve black and white stripes and the lovely city of Turin. Mandzukic, whose contract with Juventus currently runs through the 2019-2020 season, has reportedly decided to stay in large because Max Allegri is going to be around a little while longer after meeting with the front office earlier this week.

Will this silence the Mandzukic exit rumors?

Of course not.

Mandzukic was linked with Manchester United shortly after Tuttosport said that he is quite happy to stay at Juventus beyond the months of the summer transfer window.

So there’s that.

UPDATE: Tuttosport’s report on Thursday morning has since been essentially confirmed by Beppe Marotta during his media session later in the day.

“The principle for Juventus is always that if a player asks to leave then, of course, we’ll try to satisfy him, at the point when motivation has dropped or there are other considerations. At the moment no-one is in that position, so I have to say that Mario Mandzukic will be a Juventus player next year too.”

(Source: Football Italia)

So Tuttosport is on the money, it seems.