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Emre Can wants to join ‘a very big club’ this summer

Are Juventus, ahem, big enough?

Liverpool v West Ham United - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

The end of the January transfer has relatively cooled things down on the Emre Can-to-Juventus front. Even with Beppe Marotta speaking before a good number of Juve games since the transfer window ended, we’ve pretty much heard the same in regard to the German midfielder’s status.

Can is weighing his options. Juventus are interested. Marotta hopes something positive will happen.

But now we have words from Can to go along with what Beppe has been telling us since January turned to February. The only thing is that we might not exactly know more than we did before Can decided to do an interview with German publication Sports Bild earlier in the week.

“I have the self-confidence to say that my qualities are sufficient to play in a very big club next season. ... I’m doing great in England. The Spanish league is also attractive. The same applies to Germany, where tactics are concerned, and the Italian club football, which has recently caught up.

”Incidentally, the same applies to France, this league has now established itself as one of the best in Europe. Therefore, I do not want to exclude anything because I do not know what I will do from the summer.”

(Source: ESPNFC)

Let’s just see what our friends at The Liverpool Offside had to say about all of this after reading Can’s quotes regarding his destination this summer:

Great. Clear as mud. Either England, Italy, Germany, Spain, or France. Unlucky Portugal.

This interview seems to only raise more questions than answers, not just about where he wants to play, but about what he wants from his future employer.

Can’t say I disagree with ‘em.

We know of Juventus’ interest because that’s what Marotta has stated time and time again. There’s also other reported interest from Bayern Munich and Manchester City, which obviously comes along with the fact that those two clubs can probably afford a hefty salary. Can Juventus match what somebody like Man City can offer Can salary-wise? Probably not. But if Can wants a big club, then it seems like a lot of clubs are probably on his list.

So, we wait. Because that’s all we’ve been doing ever since the first Can-related rumors started. Do you remember when they started? No? Well that’s good ... because I don’t, either.