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Juventus vs. Torino (2-0 W): Rate the players vote

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A clean sheet and a victory, not much more to ask for.

Juventus v Torino FC - TIM Cup Photo by Matteo Bottanelli/NurPhoto via Getty Images

When Juventus wins and also keep a clean sheet, these things tend to be quite positive. Let’s see if that stays the same this time. Apologies on the lack of updates on the standings, I promise I’ll have them up for the next game.

Now that the game is over, it’s onto the voting. The rules of this are simple --- upvote those who you thought had a good game, don't vote on those who you thought were neutral, and downvote those who you thought had a poor game.

Please remember that you're not required, nor recommended to vote for every player. Neutral players shouldn't get a vote. Enjoy, and feel free to share your picks and justifications in the comments. Also, if you didn’t watch the match, please refrain from voting. Let’s try to get some good results.