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Sami Khedira approves of Juventus trying to sign Emre Can, rules out move to MLS

Juventus’ lone German midfielder wants the club to sign another German midfielder.

Germany v France - International Friendly Photo by Stefan Matzke - sampics/Corbis via Getty Images

The talk of Juventus making a major transfer in January has nothing to do with adding to this season’s roster at all. The discussion has surrounded Emre Can, the 23-year-old Liverpool midfielder who will be out of contract at the end of the current campaign and has been rumored to have agreed to a deal that will see him play for Juventus come next season.

Consider one of Can’s German teammates, current Juventus midfielder Sami Khedira, as one of those who would approve of Can signing with the six-time defending Italian champions.

“I know Emre very well. He’s a really powerful and talented player. Given how young he is, he still has room for improvement. He needs to keep learning and growing. If there’s an opportunity for Juventus to buy him, I would seize it with both hands, especially as his contract at Liverpool runs out in the summer.”

The quote above is from an interview that Khedira did with Sky Sport Italia on Wednesday. On top of that, it was also published on Juventus’ official website. You can probably put two and two together and think that if Juve are running quotes about a potential transfer target on their very own website — something that they have rarely done over the years — then they’ve got to be feeling pretty good about the outcome of things.

There might not be a better person to ask about Can than Khedira, with the latter seeing the former rise up through the German national team’s youth ranks and make his senior team debut in 2015.

Can wasn’t the only thing covered, though.

There was also the state of Khedira’s standing with Juventus addressed — which is something that has been rumored to be heading somewhere else as the club obviously addresses its depth and quality in midfield.

“I still have plenty of desire and I want to win everything. I also want to keep playing for many years to come in Europe’s most important leagues. I’m now in Italy, which for me is one of the top four championships in the world, and I don’t understand why some people are suggesting that I would move to the MLS.

“Last year, I played more than 46 matches at the top level. Never before had I managed so many games so regularly. I’m arguably in the best shape of my career, so I don’t want to lose this opportunity of continuing to play in Europe.”

So, I guess if you were expecting to see Khedira playing in the United States or Canada next season, it’s going to have to be when he’s wearing a Germany jersey. Or, just maybe, if Juve come across the Atlantic Ocean to play another round of friendlies, that is.