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Juventus vs. Olympiacos: Rate the players results - Super-sub Higuain earns top spot

An Argentine placed at the top and the bottom.

Juventus v Olympiakos Piraeus - UEFA Champions League Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

Juventus was victorious over Olympiacos in the Champions League, and some things vote-related stayed very similar, and some things very different. It was the same in the sense that an Argentine received both the highest and the lowest score, but the opposite in that Gonzalo Higuain was at the top, and somewhat alarmingly - Paulo Dybala was at the bottom.

Gonzalo Higuain earned the MoTM award after being subbed on in the 60th minute. This is an ode as to why subs should be allowed to be voted on, considering the impact he made during his time on the field, but more on that later. He received 81% voter approval, putting his performance in the Top 5 on the season. Hopefully this signals a sort of bounce-back for the man out or form and out of favour.

Next up was Alex Sandro who received 68% of upvotes in a comforting performance from him, who has certainly been trending upwards lately (68%, 70%, 51% upvotes in his last 3 games). Looks like our elite LB is back.

Rounding out third place is Giorgio Chiellini who I could not be more thrilled is on this team. No matter who is beside him, we can almost always count on him to put in a good performance. And on that note, he is our current vote leader in the Champions League after two games, with 65% and nobody else is particularly close. Mandzukic is in second with 48%.

To the relatively bad - Paulo Dybala was our worst vote getter with 4% in the downwards direction. He was not impressive and that’s 2/2 Champions League games where we can say that thus far. It is still very early, and I’m sure he’ll turn it around in the Champions League, but 16th out of 17th in terms of votes in the Champions League is not a good sign.

Which brings us to 17th out of 17, Mehdi Benatia. Benatia did receive more ups than downs, with 4% in the up direction coming his way, but when the squad average is 40% on the night, he wasn’t one of the better ones. I’m sure part of this is because his name isn’t Daniele Rugani, so I remind you to take that out on Allegri, not Mehdi.

I decided to omit Cuadrado and to solve the substitute problem with votes, I will be omitting them at my own discretion from here on out. Feel free to make suggestions, but it’ll be my call. Time wasting subs or subs that barely touch the ball will not be voted on, or will be omitted from the results later.

Go set your fantasy lineups, and thanks for voting!

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