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Tuesday Non-Juve Champions League Game Time Thread

Other football teams exist, apparently, let’s watch them play too.

Real Madrid Training And Press Conference
This guy looks familiar.
Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images

So there are some pretty cool games going on today, I’ll likely be watching them so I figured some of you might as well.

Dortmund vs. Real Madrid should be a good game. Dortmund have had a really hot start and sit atop the Bundesliga through 6 games. Real Madrid have not, winning only half their matches and sit in 6th in La Liga.

Here are the lineups.

Additionally, there’s Napoli vs. my current hometown boys, Feyenoord Rotterdam. I don’t have to tell you that Napoli has started red hot, and Feyenoord are coming off an unexpected loss this weekend and sitting 4th in the Eredevise. I might be able to catch the return leg of this one on December 6th when they play in Rotterdam. Here are the lineups:

Here are the rest of the matches:

Enjoy the matches and discuss below.