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Juventus vs. Sassuolo: Rate the players - Guess who won!

It was Paulo Dybala. Paulo Dybala won.

US Sassuolo v Juventus - Serie A
“Yes! This will surely get me top spot in Anthony’s ratings for this match” - Paulo Dybala, probably.
Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

There has been plenty of Paulo Dybala praise on BWRAO so far this season, and especially after this match. This is rightfully so, he’s easily been Juventus’ best player. After a hat-trick performance against Sassuolo, he reclaimed the MoTM award after his only non-MoTM performance against Barca.

To view the updated tables at any time, use this link: Google sheets.

Paulo Dybala is back on top for the Serie A campaign, and edging closer to Szczesny (I spelled that right on my first try without googling it, good for me) and his overall season crown due to his sample size of 1. Without Dybala’s horrendous results against Barca, he would be well in first place.

But anyways, like usual, let’s delve deeper into the real award - the 2nd place victor behind Dybala. Once again, Miralem Pjanic put in an outstanding performance, really making a case for himself as one of this team’s star players, and one of Europe’s elite.

Rounding out third place is Alex Sandro, who put in a good showing after a disappointing start to the campaign thus far. He sits 12th in the Serie A J-Score ranking, and 11th across all competitions. If you were to bet at the beginning of the season, you’d probably expect to see him higher than that so far - hopefully this is a turnaround for him.

Last place was won by a landslide (-44%), by who else but Gonzalo “Federico” Higuain. My apologies go out to Gonzalo, as he probably would have been treated more fairly if I didn’t use his brother as a voting representative - see the voting thread if you don’t know what I’m talking about. I suggest moving some of his downvotes to Allegri if you are really angered by his results sometimes - it’s not his fault he doesn’t get the service he requires. Second last was Stephan Lichtsteiner with -28% of votes, and third last was Fede with only a single net negative downvote.

Thanks for voting, everyone. I’m glad to see this has been generating some pretty cool results.