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Juve vs. Barca (3-0 L): Rate the players results - Pjanic ends Dybala’s streak

Dybala has been dethroned at the top spot.

Juventus v AC Chievo Verona - Serie A Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Leave it to a 3-0 Champions League thrashing to a team that was previously handled with relative ease to mix up the voting results a bit. If there’s any bright side to a loss like that, it’s that we have some fun new data to work with.

Here is the new data, in all of its glory. It’s not pretty for this game, really, but I added new totals to have a grand total, but also isolate Serie A and Champions League for separate viewership.

Only 4 players in the Barca game received a net positive number of votes, which was about 3 more than I was expecting.

Miralem Pjanic took top spot and the Juve-MoTM award on the night, ending Dybala’s 4-game streak (more on him in a bit). He really is one of the best midfielders in the world, and sometimes I think he doesn’t get enough credit around here and elsewhere. Mattia De Sciglio ended up in second place even while going down with an injury. Nice to see him getting some votes here because he got tanked in his Super Cup appearance. Rounding out third place is Blaise Matuidi with only 19 positive votes, and special shout-out to Bentancur with 18 just for staying afloat.

The anti-MoTM award goes to Mehdi Benatia with a net vote of -110. Part of this is surely due to the fact that Mehdi Benatia is not named Daniele Rugani - I remind you that if this is the case then your downvote should probably be pointed at Mr. Allegri instead. I think Mehdi was pretty bad on the night, but I don’t think he was our worst player - I thought Douglas Costa was much worse. Of course, in second place is Gonzalo Higuain with -109 votes. Because a finisher that doesn’t get anything created for him just has to be the worst player. Some things will never change, if Higuain doesn’t have an absolutely fantastic night, I guess this is where we’ll find him forever. Finally we have Mr. Allegri who ended just short with -108 votes (tight race). I think his starting lineup was good, but I understand that the downvotes come from a combination of needing Licht and not having him, as well as his inability to get Higuain involved.

Special shout-out goes to Paulo Dybala who it seemed like was a lock in the positive side for the season, who received a score of -82 votes. He now falls to second in the overall season rankings, behind Wojciech Szczęsny as he only had one performance which was very solid. Caligara also got smoked in the ratings with -42 and unfortunately for him, it will probably end up staying that way for a while considering he will likely have limited appearances.

Here’s hoping things get better once the full team is back.

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