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Juventus vs. Chievo (3-0 W): Rate the players - Vote for someone else

Even as a sub, Paulo Dybala led the way.

The winners.
Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Another recap, another day of Paulo Dybala being named Man of the Match. With Dybala winning his fourth straight award, this is getting routine. Should I just write up the Barcelona results thread now?

I joke, but this is getting crazy. Paulo Dybala came on in the 56th minute. Out of the 276 voters, he pulled out 253 upvotes and not a single downvote. That’s 92% of voters. That’s the highest of any percentage this season. That means that in 46 minutes of play, Dybala had more of a positive influence on voters that anyone else that played 90 minutes.

There were other players - Miralem Pjanic came out with an outstanding 225 net positive votes. That’s the highest of any non-Dybala player so far this year. Maybe he should be the real winner of the Man of the Match because when Paulo’s around, everyone is just playing for second place.

Third place was rounded out by Wojciech Szczęsny in his season debut with 196 positive votes. Matuidi was close with 195 - he’s looking to be quite the solid signing.

There was only one player who received more negatives than positives, and that was Mario Mandzukic. A rough outing for the Croatian kinda-winger.

For those asking for something to be done about substitutes high ratings, allow me to just share my justification on why the way we’re doing it is best. My mindset is this - if you come on as a substitute and don’t make a significant impact, people should be voting neutral anyways. If that player is good/bad enough in the limited minutes, then that player deserves that up/down vote.

I added a season ranker to the right side, and due to a solid showing in his only game - Woj is in second place. The season rankers should start looking more accurate as the season goes on. Matuidi is in third place so far this season, and MDS sits in 23rd, or last place, followed by Juan Cuadrado and Sami Khedira. None of the bottom 4 players played against Chievo, so no real chance for redemption.

Thanks for voting!

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