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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Paulo Dybala awarded the No. 10 jersey

It’s official, the No. 10 jersey is no longer vacant.

Bologna FC v Juventus FC - Serie A Photo by Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images

The news gurus called it, and they were right. Juventus officially announced via twitter today that Paulo Dybala would wear the No. 10 jersey for the upcoming 2017/18 season.

This is an image that was mostly a wish for most Juventus fans, that thought that they would have to wait yet another year for someone to step up and fill the #10 jersey. Well wait no longer, today is the day that Paulo Dybala stepped up.

Here’s what Juventus’ official website had to say about the matter:

Worn by former football greats such as Omar Sivori, Michel Platini, Roberto Baggio and Alessandro Del Piero, now is the turn of Paulo Dybala to pull on Juventus’ famous number 10 jersey.

From the very moment he signed for the Turin club two years ago, La Joya won over the hearts of the Bianconeri faithful with his wonder strikes, sensational assists and irresistible winning mentality.

Ever since scoring on his debut in the 2015 Super Cup final against Lazio, Dybala has had a knack for netting eye-catching goals in big game: not least at home to Milan and Roma in his maiden Juve campaign, before hitting a free-kick past former club Palermo and a quite brilliant brace against Barcelona in last season’s Champions League quarter-final.

In 94 appearances for Juventus, the Argentina international has recorded a phenomenal 42 goals – that despite converting from a traditional striker’s position to a deeper-lying forward role, where his creative spark and eye for the spectacular have made him worthy of becoming Juventus’ new number 10.

And what do you know? The jersey is now available on Juventus’ official web-store.

That’s a nice addition to some already pretty nice looking jerseys. I have a feeling there might be a few more people wearing Paulo Dybala jerseys next year, although there are really some good options.

Again, hopefully this signals a long relationship. Even though Tevez was as good of a leader as you can hope for, it would be nice to see a player really make the jersey his own for a long period of time after a certain great who doesn’t need to be named wore it for so many years. Ah what the heck, it was Del Piero. I’d like more players with his qualities please, longevity would be a very nice start.

Congrats, La Joya, here’s to a continued tradition of memorable moments in the #10 Juventus jersey.