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Report: Paulo Dybala to wear the No. 10 jersey for Juventus this season

According to Fede, the #10 jersey has to be earned. I think the young Argentine has earned it.

Juventus FC v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

To follow up a day of expected rumours such as interest in Rincon and Moise Kean, we turn to one of the more unexpected ones - a Paulo Dybala jersey number change. Now, I don’t think it was much of a surprise that the possibility was there for him to make the switch, but most people had probably assumed that he would stick with the number 21, after wearing it during the preseason tour.

According to just about every Italian news reporter/outlet, today is the day that Juventus and Dybala have decided to make the change to the prestigious number 10.

Dybala will follow a long line of greats to wear the jersey, that there’s no sense of even listing - they were just really great. The #10 jersey was vacant last season after Paul Pogba had decided to jump ship, and at that point the club felt that it was best left vacant for the time being.

There was much speculation that Federico Bernardeschi would take the #10 jersey upon his arrival, but he ended up with #33 and said something along the lines of the jersey having to be earned, and he’s probably right. The past two players to wear it weren’t just gifted it upon arrival, but rather built their way into integral players and leaders, then rewarded with the jersey.

Nothing is confirmed yet (a reminder that this is based on reports), but this is getting a lot of traction, and I’m usually pretty skeptical of these. The timing wouldn’t be crazy though - Paul Pogba was given the jersey switch on August 7th, today is August 9th.

Hopefully this signals the beginning of a long relationship between Dybala and the club. It would be disappointing to see two young stars take the #10 jersey only to leave shortly after. Regardless, let’s enjoy Paulo Dybala while he’s here. Let’s enjoy all our players while they’re here. I think Dybala would look pretty good with a #10 on his back though.