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Juve vs. Genoa (4-2): Rate the players results - The Dybala Show

For the third straight game, Paulo Dybala wins MOTM.

Genoa CFC v Juventus - Serie A Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

For the third straight game, it hasn’t been a question of who would receive the Man of the Match Award, it was more of a question of how much he would win it by. Paulo Dybala picks up his third straight MOTM award, as voted by you, thanks to a hat-trick over Genoa.

Dybala was good for 352 net positive votes, or 86% of voters, which is the highest this season for a single game. I guess that’s what a hat-trick and unanimous MOTM performance will do. Dybala has taken the number ten by storm this year and has very much proven to be a worthy candidate thus far.

Dybala beat out second placed Blaise Matuidi by over a hundred votes, with Matuidi picking up 237 net positive votes. Matuidi had a very influential game, even as a substitute, and the voters took notice. Roudnming out the top three was Rodrigo Bentancur, another substitute. Voters were again, very clearly impressed by his short cameo. Honourable mentions to Buffon and Mandzukic who just fell shy of the top 3.

Sami Khedira was the worst Juventus player on the pitch against Genoa, and the votes reflected that by quite a large margin. He received 179 net negative votes, or 44 percent of voters. Surprisingly, this is only the 6th worst performance by any player so far this season.

Higuain was next worst with 69 net negative votes, followed by Alex Sandro with 48 net negative votes. Sandro was the player who was furthest off from his season score of +33%, who played like a -12% on the night.

Thanks for playing, everyone.

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