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Rumors of Juventus’ interest in Kevin Strootman aren’t going away

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International Champions Cup 2017 - AS Roma v Paris Saint-Germain Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

When the rumors first started about Juventus’ supposed interest in Roma midfielder Kevin Strootman, there was one singular thought rolling through my head.


This was before I had even seen who the source of said rumor was. But when you put the name of the player combined with the sudden-ness of the report, you have to wonder what kind of serious weight there is to the “information” we’re being told.

Yet as the days have gone by, there hasn’t been any slowing down of said links between Strootman and Juventus. In fact, as we sit here just a week before the transfer window slamming shut until the new year rolls around, the Strootman-to-Juventus talk seems to constantly be there even though the six-time defending Serie A champions’ summer transfer campaign looks pretty well done.

You can question the sources, which should always happen when we’re talking about rumors this time of year — especially in the final days of the transfer window.

But the fact still remains that the rumors are here.

Whether they happen still remain to be seen.

Thus is the nature of this time of year, though. With the arrival of Blaise Matuidi less than a week ago, who knows if Juventus actually want to sign another central midfielder before the summer transfer window closes. That’s the key here, folks. The media can speculate all they want about Juventus’ potential dealings over the next week. That’s what they’re here to do — especially the likes of Tuttosport and the other gossip-friendly media outlets.

There will be plenty of rumors involving Juventus and Strootman before the end of August. Based on the start of things, who knows what kind of truth is actually coming with it.