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Juventus vs. Cagliari (3-0): Rate the players

The match has ended, time for you to do some work.

Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

Juventus opened the season the way they finished - dominant.

The first half had a few blemishes, with Cagliari getting a couple of good chances, and Gianluigi having to stop a pen after a VAR reviewed Alex Sandro foul in the box. Mandzukic opened the scoring on a Stephan Lichtsteiner cross, and Dybala continued it off of a Miralem Pjanic gorgeous through ball.

The second half was much of the same. Alex Sandro sent a ball in and Gonzalo Higuain finished it off nicely. Khedira replaced Marchisio in the 62nd minute, Matuidi for Higuain in the 71st, and Douglas Costa for Cuadrado in the 74th.

Now that the match is over, it’s time to rate the players.

The rules of this are simple - upvote those who you thought had a good game, don't vote on those who you thought were neutral, and downvote those who you thought had a poor game. There will be a follow-up article for the results in the coming days.

Please remember that you're not required to vote for every player. Neutral players shouldn't get a vote. Enjoy, and feel free to share your picks and justifications in the comments.

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