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Blaise Matuidi arrives in Turin ahead of Juventus medical

One step closer.

Paris Saint-Germain Training and Press Conference Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images

For the Matuidi doubters that were hoping by some fluke the Italian insiders were off the mark on this one, you can put those ideas to rest. Blaise Matuidi will touch down in Turin this morning ahead of his Juventus medical.

After reports surfaced earlier this morning that the two Champions League clubs had reached an agreement for the French midfielder, they are now one step closer to making the move official, with a medical scheduled for this afternoon, as reported by Gianluca DiMarzio.

You may not love the player, you may not love the numbers surrounding the player, but at the end of the day, Blaise Matuidi adds quality to this Juventus team. If you asked me at any time: “Hey Anthony, would you like to improve this Juventus team?”, I would promptly answer: “Why yes, I would like to improve this team”. Very much similar to the Higuain signing (although Higuain is improving a starting position while Matuidi improves the depth), at the end of the day, the team gets better.

Could you argue the money could be spent elsewhere? Absolutely. The truth is though, we emptied a lot of money onto two talented but expensive wingers at the beginning of the transfer window, and there may not be much left to play with. So if this is all they have left for a central midfielder, then I’m glad they’re spending it on a player who will very much be likely to improve on the contributions of Lemina and Rincon.

And hey, it may not be much, but a lot of analysts are actually saying that Matuidi at this price point is actually solid value, so let’s give him a chance before we write him off - and no, I’m not talking about the one game chance some have given Mattia Di Sciglio because writing him off after one glorified exhibition game is silly and uncalled for.

Update: He has landed in Turin