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Juventus vs Lazio Super Cup: Rate the Players Results

It’s not difficult to guess who came out on top.

Juventus v SS Lazio - Italian Supercup Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

After a rollercoaster ride of a finish to Juventus’ 3-2 Super Cup loss to Lazio, you were asked to assign up/downvotes to players who you thought deserved them. I sincerely hope this was a therapeutic way to take out some of your frustration from the tough loss, and assign some merit/demerit where you saw fit.

The first edition had a very overwhelming response rate, so thank you to those who participated. In total, there were 446 voters with 4,495 votes. This means that on average, each voter decided that about 10 out of 15 players deserved up/down votes, and 5 were neutral - which seems fairly reasonable.

To keep track of the votes for the season, I have assigned a points system based on the votes received per game. To avoid heavily voted on games influencing more than others, I simply took the players net votes and divided them by the total number of voters. Therefore, the most ‘Vote Points’ a player can gain or lose per game is 1.

The first edition was led unsurprisingly by new #10, Paulo Dybala. Five other players received positive grades, two of which were second half substitutes. Douglas Costa also impressed in his Juventus competitive debut, while Alex Sandro had a usual good performance.

The most controversial player of the day was Gonzalo Higuain. He received 365 votes, more than any other player. and ended up with 105 in the negative.

The two at the bottom of the table where again, unsurprisingly, Juan Cuadrado and Max Allegri. Cuadrado had a net -268, while Allegri had -239. Not a good showing for the Colombian winger who has all but guaranteed playing time this season. Max will surely have to field a better lineup next time out, as well.

Thanks for playing.