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Report: Juventus offer €40 million plus bonuses for Federico Bernadreschi

Italy v Liechtenstein - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

We looked at Juventus reportedly agreeing to personal terms with Federico Bernardeschi as the first step in the process to bring the Italian winger to Turin. It wasn’t a huge step since agreeing to personal terms is always going to be the easier part of a potential dealing when compared to trying to find a transfer fee.

With one down, there’s one more fairly large hurdle to try and get over.

And, according to Sky Sport Italia on Thursday night, Juventus has tabled an offer to Fiorentina — something that is getting closer to what La Viola’s lofty asking price for the 23-year-old Bernardeschi seems to be.

So, tell us those details....

Juventus' first offer is 40 million Euros plus 2 million in bonuses. This isn't enough for Fiorentina who want 40 million firm and 10 million euros in bonuses. Work is underway to find a compromise but the official negotiation is underway.


Okay, maybe not the need for all caps, BUT ... it’s a reported bid. And that means that, yes, negotiations are happening.

If the above price that Fiorentina wants is the actual asking price — and there’s nothing to really think that it’s not the case based on Bernardeschi’s skill level, the development of the transfer market these days and the who Juve-Fiorentina dynamic — then there is obviously much more to come on this.

But a bid of €40 million plus a couple extra more million in bonuses is a step in the right direction if Juve want to get Bernardeschi this summer. And it’s pretty obvious they do at this point or else they would be dropping such a large sum of money to try and acquire him.

This may be the latest reported bid in the process. And we’re likely to hear about more. How many more offers it takes to get the deal done is still yet to be seen, though.