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Report: Paris Saint-Germain offer €65 million to try and pry Alex Sandro away from Juventus

Up and up go the reported offers. When they will stop, nobody knows.

Juventus FC v Cagliari Calcio - Serie A
“I AM TIRED OF ALL THESE DAMN RUMORS!!!” is something that I would like Alex Sandro is saying right about now.
Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

It’s hard to go a day or two without something Alex Sandro-related coming out in the press. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the Italian press. Lord knows that a whole bunch of things have been published in England when it comes to Chelsea’s chase to try and sign Juventus’ star left back this summer.

We got another Sandro story from Italy on Sunday.

And it has to do with a team trying to sign him.

According to a report from La Repubblica late Sunday, the other potential big-money Sandro suitor, Paris Saint-Germain, has tabled an offer to try and pry one of the world’s best left backs away from Juventus. The report states that PSG’s offer is a whopping €65 million, something that surely is going to get the attention of Chelsea if they are still attempting to bring Sandro to London.

However, there’s a catch: La Repubblica also says that just because PSG’s reported bid is maybe the biggest sum of cash that there currently is in the Sandro chase, it doesn’t mean he’s going to accept a move to Paris. In fact, the paper suggests that the only thing that will cause Sandro to leave Juventus this summer is if he’s sold to Chelsea — which will surely have a few folks in London going head over heels when they hear about it.

So does that mean it’s either Juventus or Chelsea?

Who knows, really.

The Sandro situation has become one thing after another. For all we know is that Juventus will announce a brand new contract extension when he gets back from his summer holiday and preseason training starts up later this month. Or maybe Juventus will meet with Chelsea in the coming days — something that has been floated out there by the English media — as they try once again to convince Juve to sell.

Either way, this isn’t the last we’ve heard of the Summer of Sandro. Not by a long shot.