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Federico Bernardeschi chooses No. 33: ‘You need to earn the No. 10 jersey’

ACF Fiorentina v AC ChievoVerona - Tim Cup Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

As Federico Bernardeschi finished up his first interview as a Juventus player, the man asking the questions started the first half of a saying those of us around here know quite well. As a smile started to form on Bernardeschi’s face, we heard “Fino all fine...” and, without much hesitation, he followed with “Forza Juventus!”

For the fans in Florence, it had to sting more than just a little bit.

That was the final words of the day for Bernardeschi, who finalized his €40 million move to Juventus this past Monday. On Friday, it was Bernardeschi’s day for his official unveiling as a Juve player in Boston, just about 24 hours after he arrived in the United States to meet up with his new teammates upon their return from Miami.

Not only did we hear from Bernardeschi and listen to him talk about his excitement to be with Italy’s No. 1 team, but we also got to find out what jersey number the 23-year-old playmaker will be wearing during his first season in Turin.

Well, here you go....

That’s not exactly a jersey number that was being thrown out there as a possibility for young Federico to choose.

The reasoning behind it, Fede?

I know it’s an introductory press conference and sometimes the things that are said can be relatively boring, but that’s a pretty good answer from a young man. He could have taken the No. 10. Juventus could have given him the No. 10, too. But a shirt that holds a whole lot of weight on it.

Maybe in a couple years Bernardeschi will take No. 10. Maybe Paulo Dybala will take No. 10 and all of us will swoon because he’s such a nice young man. Or maybe the No. 10 will be vacant for another season and not taken by somebody for pure marketing reasons. I don’t know, really.