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Reports: AC Milan’s move for Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci is a done deal


Italy v Liechtenstein - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

It’s looking like this will be a summer of change in Turin. And just as we’re coming to find out, it is more than just adding a talented winger or two to Max Allegri’s attacking corps up front.

According to pretty much everybody and their mother in the Italian press, Juventus are getting ready to finalize Leonardo Bonucci’s shocking sale to AC Milan. All of this has come within the last 24 hours, with Bonucci’s arrival back for his medical examinations at J Medical in Turin not doing anything to slow down what has been a media frenzy.



Wait, what?

So Juventus, who could have easily gotten much more for Bonucci from one of those big-spending clubs in England like Chelsea or Manchester City, have instead chosen to let him go for a relatively small fee for one of the world’s best at his position ... to a direct rival ... because he wants to leave?

This all makes sense.

Except it doesn’t.

Even when the first report of a Milan offer came to light earlier in the day, one that was worth around €30 million or so, this is more than just a minor shock to the system. Bonucci has been so crucial in Juventus’ run through Serie A for nearly the past decade. He has developed into one of the world’s best players right in front of our eyes. And yet, in what seems like just the snap of one’s fingers, it’s all gone.

And for a “mere” €40 million transfer fee — which seems like a steal for Milan knowing what Juve could have gotten somewhere else.

Yes, €40 million.

I repeat, €40 million.

I repeat again, €40 million.

Who knows what direction Juventus will go in now. The summer after the 2015 Champions League final was certainly a odd and strange road. This one seems to be following the same kind of course. And now we know that Juve almost certainly will head into the 2017-18 campaign without one of their best and most important players.