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Leonardo Bonucci’s agent: ‘We are working on a sale’


Previews - UEFA Champions League Final Photo by Handout/UEFA via Getty Images

Leonardo Bonucci transfer rumors have been a constant over the last few summers. Even when Leo himself has come out and said he is staying at Juventus, there has been chatter that he is going to be leaving Turin. They’ve just been rumors we can laugh off, have a good smile about and then probably facepalm when the same kind of thing reappears in the morning.

So far, they’ve come to nothing. Absolutely nothing.

But suddenly we have this from Bonucci’s agent, Alessandro Lucci, late Wednesday night...

On the same day that Juventus announced the signing of their new No. 11, Douglas Costa, we have this as the clock strikes midnight in Italy. Lucci gave the “You’ll know more in the coming hours” kind of quote to follow it up, which will surely put Juventini at ease and cause them to curl up in the fetal position while they wait for their next round of Stupid Agent Speak.

Could Juventus really sell Bonucci, though?

The same Bonucci who has become arguably the best defender in the world over the last couple of seasons?

The same Bonucci who just added a few more years onto his contract not even a year ago?

The same Bonucci who has sat with in the curva at The Artist Formerly Known As Juventus Stadium on more than one occasion when he picked up a yellow card suspension?

I guess when you have an unofficial transfer policy of “We’ll let the player decide if he wants to stay with the club or leave” then something sneaky like this is bound to happen. But who really knows if it’s Lucci pushing this to get his client more money or if Bonucci actually WANTS to leave Juventus this summer.

We don’t know what’s going on right now other than what Bonucci’s agent has told us. And when you’re really on what an agent says, that’s not necessarily the best thing to go on. Just look at what Marco Verratti’s agent has done. Just look at what Mino Raiola has said over the last couple months when it comes to Gigi Donnarumma.

Agents talk. And unfortunately, we’re usually forced to listen to them.