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Douglas Costa undergoing medical ahead of Juventus move

Club Atletico de Madrid v FC Bayern Muenchen - UEFA Champions League Semi Final: First Leg Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

The amount of time Douglas Costa spent in Turin before Tuesday night’s flight into town might not have been very long before. But one thing is for certain, he’s about to be spending a whole lot more time in Northern Italy come however many months he stays in bianconero throughout the length of his brand new contract he’s about to sign.

The first step of flying into Turin is done for. The second part of the equation is now taking place, as Costa’s soon-to-be move to Juventus is getting closer to being an actuality. The 26-year-old Brazilian winger is currently undergoing his medical examinations at J Medical in Turin, meaning he’ll be spending some time on the treadmill as you’re reading this sentence.

And how about a picture?

Yep, lots of thumbs up for coming to Juventus, Douglas. Lots and lots of thumbs up.

By now, the essential details of the Costa deal are well known — a two-year loan deal with about €6 million and then a mandatory buy clause worth €40 million if the Brazilian winger hits certain performance-related conditions.

Same goes for the contract that he will likely be signing in relatively short order after he finishes up his medical exams — a four-yer deal worth around €6 million a season, which will put him amongst the highest-paid players on the Juventus roster.

But to get him, Juventus obviously had to get creative. And they have done so just when it looked like they might be going in a different direction. We’ve seen that from Beppe Marotta and the rest of Juventus’ transfer team before and we’re seeing it right now with Douglas Costa.

Now we can think about what could be a left wing with a pair of Brazilians, Douglas Costa and Alex Sandro, causing all kinds of havoc both domestically and in Europe. Good times, good times.