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Juventus' new 2017-18 adidas away kit has officially arrived — and it’s beautiful

Photo courtesy of Juventus’ Facebook page

When it comes to Juventus’ home jersey every season, we know exactly what it’s going to built around. There will be stripes, they will be black and white and likely have a couple of patches to be sown onto the front of the jersey as well. It’s just how those same stripes will be arranged and how they will be presented is what we wait for.

The away kit is a little bit different.

And now we know, officially, what adidas has rolled out for the 2017-18 away kit.

It was a Friday full of unveilings at the Artist Formerly Known as Juventus Stadium. Not only did the new Juventus Store open its doors for the first time, but the club’s brand new away kit was released to the general public at the very same time. Not a bad little time to do so — especially considering there’s a whole lot of new going on when it comes to Juve’s branding as the calendar flips from June to July.

Here are some more details and background about why the away kit looks like it does, courtesy of Juventus’ official website:

The away jersey - the third to be made by adidas football - is a celebration of the Bianconeri’s ties to Turin, sharing the city’s traditional yellow and blue colours while also paying homage to the iconic shirts of the 1980s.

Most importantly, this year’s home and away designs will be the first to bear the club’s new visual identity: the distinctive new logo - which officially comes into action from 1 July onwards - stands out in a bold blue colour against the yellow shirt.

Three blue adidas stripes on the shoulders and sleeves complete the classic look; a retro style with a modern revival.

That’s just beautiful. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.

When it comes to comparing last season’s blue away kit and this new yellow one, it’s hard to say which one is better. They’re both beautiful — and that’s not just because they have the Scudetto/Coppa Italia patch combination.

I feel safe in saying adidas has done a damn good job once again with the away kit. No all we have to do is to wait for Juventus to wear the actual thing for the first time instead of our only pictures of them being Miralem Pjanic and friends modeling them. We want more yellow on the blog, Juventus! Chop, chop and get here, new season!