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Marco Verratti’s agent continues to toy with the idea of his client signing with Juventus

Italy Training Session And Press Conference Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

If there is one thing we’ve learned about the agent for Marco Verratti, Donato Di Campli, is that he doesn’t shy away from an opportunity to talk about his client in the press. A lot like Sebastian Giovinco’s agent used, there seems to be no week that goes by without Verratti’s representative speaking about something to do with his current standing at Paris Saint-Germain or the possibility of him leaving the club at some point.

Friday was no different.

Behold Verratti’s agent going through classic Agent Speak...

“Juventus will certainly do something special in the next transfer window," Di Campli told Tuttosport. "Verratti? There is the will of PSG to keep him at all costs.

"Now it is clear -- money is not enough. Appeal is also needed and in the last four or five years, the French club have not done enough to improve in that regard.

"Juventus are much more attractive because champions are attracted to winning teams."

(Source: ESPNFC)

The man is toying with our hearts, folks. TOYING WITH THEM.

Verratti is a move many thought would happen when he first burst onto the scene with Pescara in Serie B a few years back. When PSG and its big-money backing moved in, Juventus were priced out and Beppe Marotta was unable to pull the trigger in time to bring the young Italian midfielder to Turin.

A boyhood fan of Juventus — anybody who knows anything about him knows about that childhood picture of him in a Juve kit — Verratti has been a constant rumored transfer target for Juventus ever since he moved to Paris in the summer of 2012. The talk hasn’t slowed as Verratti’s star has gotten bigger and brighter over the last couple of seasons where he’s truly emerged as one of the best midfielders there is.

And as that has happened, his agent has talked. And talked. And talked. And talked some more. Maybe there’s something there. Maybe there isn’t. With how Verratti’s agent seems to be conducting things with his client, we’re sure to hear something from him in the next week or so — if not sooner.