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Allegri: My future is the least of our problems

Manager’s comments ahead of weekend clash against Chievo

SSC Napoli v Juventus FC - Serie A
Massimiliano Allegri
Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

Juventus take on Chievo this weekend in the Serie A, holding a six point lead at the top of the table over Roma in second with eight games left to play. Manager Massimiliano Allegri spoke to the media in his pre-match press conference.

"How do you deal with the Chievo? Tomorrow is an important game. There are eight games until the end of the season, and the more it goes on, the more the games become more important.

"The points become worth more. We do not have the chance to lose tomorrow, we already drew in Naples, so tomorrow we have to win.

"We’ll deal with the match against Barcelona on Sunday, but games like the one with Barcelona do not take long to prepare for, it is such a beautiful and fascinating challenge, but it is a challenge that prepares for itself.

"What matters is the game tomorrow, we must deal with it very seriously, it's a risky game because we come from two difficult games, two games that were draining both mentally and physically, so we must never switch off.”

As far the players available to him for tomorrow -

"Tomorrow Mario Mandzukic is doubtful, however here’s a good idea - maybe Paulo Dybala could play centre-forward.

"But no, Dybala is fine. In fact, he needs to play, Paulo is an aerobic player, a player that runs 12 kilometers per game, is a player who needs to play.

"And, indeed, the more he plays, the more he improves his condition . On Wednesday he played 70 minutes, so I would say he is in an acceptable condition but not an optimal one. So he needs to play, then we’ll evaluate

"When you get at the end of the season and you are in all competitions you do not have time to think. I’ll rest one, especially as when you’re missing people as important as Mandzukic and Marko Pjaca, you have no choice.

"In terms of the midfield, I have to evaluate those who are more or less well today, Claudio Marchisio could rest, in terms of Sami Khedira I do not know if he will recover, it depends. The choices are determined by those up front."

Allegri talked about his goal for Juve being 93 points for the season -

"As for the table, we’re not there yet. Roma can get to 92 points and so we have to make it 93. So there are still many victories to be won.

"Let's go one step at a time. Meanwhile, tomorrow we think of the three points, playing the game with Chievo seriously. As I said after Napoli, tomorrow will be a very important game. And tomorrow we will need the help of the fans, because tomorrow is another piece of the championship puzzle.”

As always, questions about his own future are a constant at these interviews -

"First I’d like to thank John Elkann for his words, and for the work done by the team and by the club. I think this is a source of pride and satisfaction.

"As for the aims of the team, whether it will be an extraordinary season or not, we will take it one step at a time. Firstly, we have have reached the Coppa Italia final for the third time in a row.

"This is down to the players, they're doing some really amazing things, especially because they have great technical quality, of this I have no doubts. But above all they have the moral qualities that lead them to get the results even in difficult times.

"So, it is difficult, we have to work to try to win all three competitions. It is not easy, we know, it is already difficult to win the league, and even more difficult to win a final, because finals are always difficult to win.

"The business focuses all we have on the Champions League which is an extraordinary competition and this is why I say that this moment should be lived with great energy and great enthusiasm.

"And above all to have the confidence to go all the way, then raise the bar of what we must do and absolutely can do. This team is able to do this, but above all to think you can do it will make a difference."

So will he remain at Juventus?

"At the moment 100%, because I have a contract until 2018, I believe, yes, 2018.

"But at this time, the problem of the Coach does not exist, and must not exist, for one simple reason: because we're at the crucial moment of the season.

"I think this is the least of our problems, both on my part, and from the club’s point of view. This is also because there have never been any problems between myself and the club, we go forward by mutual agreement, so you have to stay focused because at the moment we have not yet won anything.

"And tomorrow will be very important for winning the league. I repeat, the more we go on, the more the games become important.

"But when I spoke of negativity, maybe it's a word that was too excessive, because we drew in Naples with the third team. But the team defended well. Football is not only about the offensive phase.

"There are times when you adopt a different strategy, some games are are played in one way and other matches must be played in another. The important thing is at the end is you reach the targets, that is the reason why I am here at Juventus, to try to achieve them.

"I try to help the guys, because they are the ones who help us win, but when we lose, we lose together."