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Juventus winger Marko Pjaca injured while on international duty with Croatia

Estonia v Croatia - International Friendly Photo by Joosep Martinson/Getty Images

The unfortunate thing about Marko Pjaca’s first season with Juventus is that it’s starting to become more remembered by what chances he didn’t have on the field rather than what he he’s done.

I say that because the young Croatian winger is injured again. And if you believe what Croatia manager Ante Cacic said after the match about how “does seem to be a serious injury and that hurts us more than the defeat” then we’re going to be refreshing Juventus’ website about once every 20 seconds over the next few days to find out just how bad it is when Pjaca undergoes tests upon his return to Turin.

Those tests, almost certainly will be done over the next day or two.

So, now we wait to see the severity of Pjaca’s injury that he’s suffered on international duty. The first, which was originally though of to be a broken leg but then re-diagnosed to something a little less severe, came back in early-October kept him out for nearly two and a half months.

This time around, we’re left to wait for another diagnosis that has every sign pointing towards there not being very much good news.

Pjaca’s teammate on the Croatian national team, Inter midfielder Ivan Perisic, had this to say about the playing surface and the injury itself:

“We played on a pitch that was really at the limits to be considered suitable for a professional match. There’s no point playing here. We must choose our opponents and conditions better, because otherwise we can lose someone else the way we did Pjaca.

“I hope he recovers quickly, but it looked to be a serious injury. Coming here to play in these conditions is pointless.”

(Source: Football Italia)

Ah, good. I like to hear that international competition — whether it’s a friendly or a World Cup qualifier — are being played on fields that are considered to be in “pointless” conditions. That always fills me with confidence that players are going to make it out 100 percent healthy. Too bad Pjaca fell victim. And when I say “too bad” I mean “it’s utterly idiotic.”