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Lyon midfielder Corentin Tolisso essentially confirms that Juventus want to sign him

Juventus v Olympique Lyonnais - UEFA Champions League Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

As we’ve come to know all too well, the international break is where transfer rumors either come to fruition or are re-hashed for what seem like the 100th time in the last few months. That’s why, when you have things with facts that support them, you’re celebrating like you just found gold at the bottom of the ocean or change under the couch cushions.

Up until now, Juventus’ interest Lyon midfielder Corentin Tolisso has basically been more of a matter of the Italian press to talk about than actual, bonafide fact. That changed on Saturday, with Tolisso himself indirectly saying that yes the rumors are true and he is in fact a transfer target of Juventus this summer.

“Interest from a big and prestigious club like Juventus gives me even more motivation to end this season well. In the past Napoli had made an approach, now the Bianconeri: it’s pleasing, as Serie A is a wonderful league.

“For the moment, however, I just need to focus on my performances on the field. I am concentrated on ensuring fourth place in Ligue 1 and going forward in the Europa League.”

(Source: Football Italia)

So this is good news, I’d say. Very good news.

Tolisso is the kind of midfielder that makes sense for Juventus to try and sign this summer. If the rumors about how much Lyon want for Tolisso are indeed true, he will cost quite a pretty penny. But he won’t turn 23 years old until just before the 2017-18 campaign gets underway. And have we mentioned that he’s really good already?

Here we have the first identified Juventus transfer target for the summer of 2017. There will be more, surely. There will be even more linked to the club over the next, oh, four or five months. (And probably much longer than that.) But at least we know is actually one — and that’s a lot better than the alternative of listening to rumors all freakin’ day.