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Juventus, Paulo Dybala in ‘advanced’ talks over contract renewal

What’s better than relying on the Italian press for information? Well, hearing from the player himself, for one.

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FC Crotone v Juventus FC - Serie A Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

At this rate, Juventus and Paulo Dybala are inching toward a contract extension rather than crossing the finish line in authoritative fashion. There will be no sprinting to the finish line, no kind of close photo finish that may or may not see something happen.

We know Juventus and Dybala are going to be agreeing to a contract extension at some point. We’ve been hearing it will happen for months now. And now, just a couple of days after the latest report saying that a new deal is done and an announcement is just a few hours away, we have just the slightest bit of clarity on the situation.

Leave it to Dybala himself to gives us the update, too.

"Juventus and my agent have met in recent days and they have had the chance to talk," Tuttosport reports Dybala as saying. "Talks are at a very advanced stage, even though my agent now has to return to Argentina because his son is about to be born.

"But everybody is positive and we are certain that the renewal will arrive. I know we've been talking about it since November, but it doesn't only depend on me. You need to ask Juventus too."

(Source: ESPN FC)

We haven’t just been hearing about Dybala being close to a contract extension, but it extends all the way back to October when the player himself confirmed that a new deal was going to be taking place at some point.

Who knows why the negotiations have taken as long as they have. Maybe it’s salary figures, maybe it’s bonus figures, maybe it’s the fact that Dybala is a wonderful player and wants to be paid what he feels like he deserves or maybe he wants some kind of exclusive rights over the marketing of Dybala Masks. I don’t know. I’m not sitting in the Juventus offices with Beppe Marotta, Fabio Paratici and Dybala’s representative while they hammer out details of a deal we all want to see announced so this is over and done with.

But the good thing in all of this is that things are “advanced” and that everything Dybala says about the situation is positive. Why do I say that? Because Paulo himself said it. He’s a nice young man, so I’ll take his word for it.