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Non-Juve Champions League Game Time Thread

Lots of games today but everyone should be watching the Napoli one.

1990:  The flag of the U.E.F.A nations.

The UEFA Champions League group stage closes today with some solid games to play, and some groups to be decided. The matches, courtesy of Google, are as follows:

Napoli takes on Feyenoord in the fight for their lives to escape Group F in second place. They need a win and a Manchester City win to move on. This is certainly the match to watch tonight. I will be in attendance sporting my full Juve tracksuit. Not sure who I want to see win the game, but I would like to see lots of Napoli goals. I don’t think that’s a lot to ask for this season.

Real Madrid and Dortmund might be a decent game but this is essentially a meaningless game for both teams as the result becomes pointless if Tottenham gets a single point from Apoel.

Porto vs. Monaco should be good, although Monaco has nothing to play for after finishing the group in 4th place. Pretty hard fall from where they were last year.

Anyways, Napoli vs. Feyenoord is the one to watch, look for me, and if you choose to watch a different game well then that’s fine too I guess. Enjoy.