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Juventus vs. Benevento (2-1 W): Rate the players results - Higuain’s on fire, your defense is terrified

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Juventus v Benevento Calcio - Serie A Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

Juventus defeated Benevento in what had to be the least convincing performance a 6-time defending champion of a top 5 league should ever be expected to have against arguably the worst team in Europe’s top 5 leagues. The good thing is, it allowed us to get some really fun voting results. It seemed like BWRAO couldn’t come to a consensus on who actually played well on the night. Here are the results:

Gonzalo Higuain was the unanimous winner, and boy is he on fire lately. That’s his third straight MoTM performance, and his 6th straight positive one. He received 79% net upvotes, moving him into RANK. I’m very glad we acquired him, he’s a great striker.

Beside him on the podium were a mix of players who were all around 46 and 47% of net upvotes and that list included Douglas Costa, Juan Cuadrado and Claudio Marchisio. Cuadrado received the most downvotes out of the group (39), and that’s probably because he scored the winner but also missed a glorious chance.

On the other end of things was Wojciech Szczesny who will see his inflated SSS score tanked on the night with a score of -21%. He’s now 13th place on the team in Serie A, rather than 1st, which is much closer to being accurate.

Mario Mandzukic finished in third last with a score of -24%. Time for Mario to spend some time on the bench. This is his 4th straight appearance where he received (pretty much, since there was a +3% in there) negative scores. Costa has won the starting spot for the time being, hopefully Allegri realizes that. He drops into 15th on the year overall for the team.

Allegri barely escaped the podium of shame himself, with -16% of votes. Personally, I think Allegri should be given an upvote on the night. His lineup wasn’t bad, and the team he put out there conceded a free kick (not his fault), and just couldn’t finish the ball, which again was not his fault. I don’t think he was the issue today. Could he have subbed in some guys earlier? Sure. I think a low positive score would be fair for the guy in charge on the night. He’s just hovering over 0 at a score of 2% overall on the year.

In last place was Paulo Dybala with -48% of votes. A bad performance. It’s time he took a seat on the bench for a bit to clear his head. Allegri should try out a 4-3-3 in the absence of Dybala and Mandzukic. Even after his glorious start to the season, Dybala now finds himself 11th place overall for the team.

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