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Juventus vs. Benevento (2-1 W): Rate the players vote

Well, we won.

Juventus v Benevento Calcio - Serie A Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

My first thought when the lineups were announced was that we’re going to get some larger samples of votes for the fringe players, which is nice.

Douglas Costa made the most happen out of anyone in the first 20 minutes or so. Then we got scored on off a free-kick. Chiellini got his head wrapped in blue bandage. Inter colours? Cmon’ guys, you can’t let that happen. Cuadrado and Dybala both missed very easy chances, Higuain should have got an assist on Dybala’s.

Higuain leveled it on a nice half-volley on a Blaise Matuidi assist. Then we saw a vintage Alex Sandro cross that was to easy for Cuadrado to head on net, and he did a good job finishing it off. On that note, let’s move him back to RB, for a while. Then we won.

Onto the voting. The rules of this are simple --- upvote those who you thought had a good game, don't vote on those who you thought were neutral, and downvote those who you thought had a poor game. There will be a follow-up article for the results in the coming days.

Please remember that you're not required, nor recommended to vote for every player. Neutral players shouldn't get a vote. Enjoy, and feel free to share your picks and justifications in the comments. Also, if you didn’t watch the match, please refrain from voting. Let’s try to get some good results.

Use this link if the vote doesn’t show up.