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Juventus vs. SPAL: Rate the players results - Douglas Costa wins second MoTM this season

A routine win saw lots of positive results, but Costa stood out.

Juventus v Spal - Serie A Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

Juventus secured a routine victory against SPAL, with four different goal scorers. That’s sure to spark a close vote on who the MoTM is, but this time Douglas Costa came out on top.

Douglas Costa took home his second MoTM of the season, this time along with some positive results for his peers as well. When he won against Lazio, he was one of three players with positive votes. This time, he’s one of thirteen. He received 81% of upvotes, good for a top 10 single-game performance on the season as a result of his two assists on the night.

Next up was Federico Bernardeschi who was net upvoted by 75% of voters. His level of contributions beyond his goal are up for debate, but a wonder-goal in a win will get you an upvote more times than not. I’m glad to see both new wingers performing well in their limited minutes, and I think it’s clear they deserve to play some more.

Third place goes to Gonzalo Higuain who quietly had a great game. He scored, and got an unofficial second assist on another, and overall played well. He received 73% net upvotes, and marks his third straight positive performance in the votes.

There were two negative performances on the night, first of which was Rodrigo Bentancur. Bentancur seemed to lack the sharpness we saw in his early performances, and misplaced some important passes. To be fair to him though, it could be a product of not having played the last two games, as well. Hopefully he gets some more chances though, he could end up being a very key piece to our midfield if he can eliminate performances like his one against SPAL.

The big loser on the night was Stephan Lichtsteiner. He created hardly anything going forward, and was to blame for the goal against. A deserved least valuable player award on the night. He’s at a -4% on the season, yikes. MDS, come back soon.

Thanks for voting.

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