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Juventus vs. Udinese (6-2 W): Rate the players vote

Well, there was a lot of action.

Udinese Calcio v Juventus - Serie A Photo by Dino Panato/Getty Images

Juventus have won 6-2.

The first half was filled with plenty of action. It began with Daniele Rugani giving up possession which led to Chiellini being schooled for a goal against. We equalized on a corner when an Udinese player placed a perfect header into his own net. If it happened on the other end of the field we would have called it a well-finished goal. Then Juan Cuadrado found Sami Khedira making a run to score the go-ahead goal.

Then Mario Mandzukic was incorrectly sent off. He first received a yellow card for simulation, which didn’t make sense, and that’s because the play was called out for a goal kick. If the Udinese defender made contact with the ball, it should have been a corner. If not, it should have been a penalty. Simulation plus a goal kick doesn’t make sense. Anyways, we don’t know what Mandzukic said to the referee which led to the second yellow, and if he shut his mouth he wouldn’t have received it, so the blame at the end of the day should be on him for that.

The rest of the first half contained a whole bunch of quality Buffon saves, as Udinese applied the pressure with an extra man.

Udinese equalized after the break when their captain was left absolutely alone on a set piece. Juve then pulled ahead again on a Daniele Rugani goal from a Paulo Dybala assist. Juventus doubled their lead off a Paulo Dybala free kick which found Daniele Rugani then Sami Khedira tucked home his second. Khedira finished his hat-trick. Pjanic scored too.

The rules of this are simple --- upvote those who you thought had a good game, don't vote on those who you thought were neutral, and downvote those who you thought had a poor game. There will be a follow-up article for the results in the coming days.

Please remember that you're not required, nor recommended to vote for every player. Neutral players shouldn't get a vote. Enjoy, and feel free to share your picks and justifications in the comments. Also, if you didn’t watch the match, please refrain from voting. Let’s try to get some good results.

Use this link if the vote doesn’t show up.

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