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Juventus vs. Lazio: Rate the players results - Douglas Costa rises, everyone else falls

As expected, a lot of player saw their ratings fall.

Juventus v AC Chievo Verona - Serie A Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

It was a performance to forget for Juventus, which saw a lot of players normally near the top of the standings see their stock take a hit in big ways. Here are the results:

Douglas Costa scored and was the highest vote recipient of any Juventus player, with 38% of upvotes. That’s gotta be our lowest scoring MoTM score of the year, but it was the best we had on the night. It was an above average performance for him, so he should be celebrated. He moves into 10th place in the overall season rankings, and 12th in the Serie A.

Federico Bernardeschi had a decent performance as a substitute, earning him second place in the poll, on a result almost directly in line with his season average thus far. Seems about right. He moves into 12th overall, and 8th in the Serie A for the team.

Rounding out third place was Blaise Matuidi, with a score of +9% of votes. A well below-average performance for the Frenchman, but it was enough to put him on the podium. He moves into second place overall, and 3rd in Serie A on the team. Wojciech Szczesny is in first, largely due to sample size and strength of opposition. Something tells me his usage is bound to increase in the near future, though.

The person with the worst score on the day was Max Allegri (-61%). From the combination of not starting Dybala in a crucial game, not starting Daniele Rugani in a crucial game, not starting Miralem Pjanic in a crucial game, and subbing in Sturaro when a goal was needed, it’s not difficult to see why he was the one to blame. I understand that it’s a long season, players need rest, and International Break can be strenuous on players, he chose to rest a few too many players and dropped all three points at home, a never acceptable feat. It’s hard to compare his season results to the rest of the team, but he has a barely passing grade on the season so far, with only an average rating of 2% in the positive direction.

After him was Higuain and Barzagli who seemed less than ready to go for this one. Gonzalo missed some glorious chances, and Barzagli was to blame for a lot of Juve’s errors, and obviously his name is not Daniele Rugani. I personally don’t think Barzagli should be renewed as a player for next season, but transitioned to become part of the club in some other way if he decides it’s Juve or nothing for him. He has the third worst overall J-Score on the team so far, behind MDS and Caligara who surely haven’t played enough to warrant valid ratings. He may be the team’s weak link at the moment, and likely should not be relied on in big games.

Thanks for voting, hopefully there will be some happier content to vote on next time out.

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