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Report: Genoa, Juventus reach deal that could see Hernanes leave this January

Come on, Genoa. Do the damn thing.

Genoa CFC v Juventus FC - Serie A
That’s the same kind of facial expression I had when I found out somebody actually wanted Hernanes to play for them and they’d likely pay money to have it happen.
Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Hernanes has been a Juventus player for about a year and a half now. From the beginning people wondered why exactly he was a Juventus player. Probably more people wondered when Juventus would be able to make him a player for some other team in a country that really didn’t matter.

We may have an answer to our “Hernanes gotta go” desires.

According to a report from Sky Sport Italia’s Gianluca Di Marzio, Juventus’ Hernanes problem might very well be coming to an end. The two clubs have reportedly reached the framework of an agreement that would see the 31-year-old Brazilian head from Juventus Stadium to the Luigi Ferraris -- a place where he was linked to go this summer until talks broke down between Juve and Genoa.

Genoa's deal for Hernanes now appears that it could be a successful one. The club has found an agreement with Juventus for the Brazilian, and now the Genoa must check whether Hernanes accepts the move to the club. However, the deal between Genoa and Juventus has been reached.

I would think that some of the checking in with Hernanes on whether he wants to go to Genoa will involve agreeing to personal terms — something that has not been mentioned by any of the Italian media outlets thus far. Who knows how close Hernanes was to having a deal with Genoa in the summer, but if Juventus and Genoa have an agreement in place, the only thing standing between it going down is the player himself.

That would be a welcome sight to many with Hernanes only having a handful of positive showings during his year and a half in bianconero. A last-minute pickup on transfer deadline day two summers ago, Hernanes was thought to have been an option to end Max Allegri’s long-awaited quest to find a trequartista he could use on a regular basis. Turns out, Hernanes was rarely used there, with most of his playing time since signing with Juventus coming as a backup to Claudio Marchisio in the center of Juve’s midfield. He has never impressed consistently, never been somebody Juve could count on to deliver the goods. Basically, he’s been just...there.

So, feel free to do the damn thing, Genoa. You won’t here anybody over here objecting to Hernanes heading somewhere else.