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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: For some reason, Juventus unveils a new logo

I'm sure everyone will be okay with this.

Welcome to the new era of Juventus football.
Welcome to the new era of Juventus football.

Juventus held an event titled "Black and White and More" in Milan on Monday evening. On the official website announcing this event, they said:

In just a few hours' time, Juventus Football Club will enter a new era.

To enter this 'new era,' Juventus announced that they would be changing their logo. I don't think anybody saw this coming. This was their reasoning, from the official Juventus website:

They also posted this video to their YouTube channel:

Juventus' new J-themed logo will be a part of the new club kits starting in the 2017-18 season. It goes away from what has been a pretty damn good looking crest for decades, as Juventus tries a transformation that "also encompasses a brand-new visual identity."

If by getting Photoshopped by just about everybody and their mom on the Internet in the last few hours since the new logo was released to the masses, then they could be onto something here. For now, people are just having a good time mocking Juventus' new J-only look — which the club said over a year to design, by the way.

You know that saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"? Why not with this? You see black and white stripes, you think of Juventus. You see a big, black and white J, what are you going to think about? How Juventus botched their new logo?

We're sure everyone is going to love this, but just for fun, why not add a poll?