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Juventus just make the top ten richest clubs

UEFA report highlights rapid growth of Premier League

Juventus FC v Bologna FC - Serie A Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

UEFA released a report on Thursday looking into the financial aspects and more of all its member clubs, and came up with with this table to show the top ten richest clubs in Europe, and their growth rates year-over-year.

While there were no real surprises here, what it did show was the richest clubs are getting even richer at a higher rate than before - money begets money, as we’ve heard before.

Five of the top ten European teams come from the Premier League, which has escalated rapidly fiscally thanks to some monster television deals across the world.

Top ten richest football clubs
NBC Sports

Juventus are the highest placed Italian club, and continue to set the pace for the country with their strategic vision for the future. However, they are limited by the Serie A’s lack of exposure and vast gulf in quality between themselves and the chasing pack.

If anything, this reaffirms to club chairman Andrea Agnelli that he and his Board are continuing to do the right things organizationally, but will need to assert themselves in Europe to truly become one of the largest clubs in the world.