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Report: Juventus to try and close deal for Riccardo Orsolini this weekend

Italy U20 v Switzerland U20 Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

By now, Juventus’ interest in signing Ascoli teenager Riccardo Orsolini is no secret. They’ve been linked to the 19-year-old for a few weeks now, and the only thing that seems to be happening is that Juve are getting closer and closer to actually getting a deal done.

And it doesn’t seem like it’s suddenly going to hit a snag.

Between Friday and Monday Marotta and Paratici are hoping to close the deal for Orsolini, taking advantage of the scheduling of the league meetings.

Those are the words of Sky Sport Italia’s Gianluca Di Marzio, who did indeed report on Wednesday evening that Juventus want to try and close the deal for Orsolini before the next week truly gets underway. Maybe that’s because Beppe and Co. want to avoid having a case of the Mondays. Or, like Di Marzio says, it’s going to be a convenient time to do some transfer dealings with smaller Italian clubs that just so happen to play in Serie B because the league meetings are taking place this weekend.

Orsolini — who has shown he can do a thing or two on top of a thing or two in recent weeks — has been linked with a handful of clubs before Juventus emerged as the favorite to sign the young Italian winger over the past week. SportMediaset reported before Juve’s 3-2 win over Atlanata in the Coppa Italia Round of 16 that Juventus has virtually completed the deal for Orsolini. The price to sign Orsolini is still reportedly in the €5 million range with some Juventus youth team players potentially heading to Ascoli as well. The plan after that, according to Di Marzio amongst others, is to do as Juve has done with a lot of their other young acquisitions over the past few years — keep them on loan right where they are until the end of the season and then probably send them somewhere else next year to gain Serie A experience.

Orsolini, also identified as a potential transfer target of AC MIlan in recent weeks, has scored four goals and dished out four assists in 21 appearances for Ascoli this season.