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Champions League 2017-18

Open Champions League Final Thread

Come for the mockery, stay for the possibility of Cristiano Ronaldo not showing off his abs.

April’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: Emotional Turbulence

April was, honestly, one of the craziest and emotional months of action for Juventini. Let me try to make sense of it all...

As a seventh straight title looms, a look back on a drama-filled season

It’s been anything but easy for Juventus in 2017-18. Maybe that’s a good thing.

40 Seconds, 40 Years: Against Real Madrid, Gianluigi Buffon exits not as a god, but as a man

Allegri defends Buffon from backlash over his comments

Manager stands by his captain ahead of return to Serie A action

Juventus’ fighting spirit on show despite Real Madrid defeat

You wanted a grinta-filled game, you got it.

Levels of Losing: The Bernabeu Game

Ranking how brutal, this Champions League elimination is, with a hat-tip to Bill Simmons.

Landmarks of Turin Awards: Real Madrid vs Juventus Edition

Stoppage time controversy dooms Juventus’ comeback in Madrid

A scintillating performance by Juventus at the Bernabeu was rendered moot by an unconscionable call with 30 seconds remaining.

Juventus outrage over contentious refereeing decision

Owner, manager and captain all livid about late penalty

Juventus 3 - Real Madrid 1: Initial reaction and random observations

It will be hailed as "Real Madrid survive to make the semifinals" even though it’s anything other than Juventus getting completely robbed.

Champions League Game Time Thread: Juventus vs. Real Madrid


Champions League Preview: Juventus vs. Real Madrid

A very big deficit to try and overcome in a very big game.

Allegri: Juve will start with three in attack against Real Madrid

Manager’s comments ahead of almost foregone conclusion of Champions League campaign

Notes for a new Old Lady

It’s time for Juve to pick a path and stay on it.

Optimistic vs. Pessimistic: An inner monologue after Juventus-Real Madrid

Toeing between #AllegriOut and holding hope for history.

Landmarks of Turin Awards: Juventus vs Real Madrid Edition

Cristiano Ronaldo downs Juve in Turin

It was death by a thousand cuts for Juventus — some self-inflicted and some not.

Allegri: I have nothing to reproach my players

Manager’s comments after disappointing loss in the Champions League

Juventus 0 - Real Madrid 3: Initial reaction and random observations

When Cristiano Ronaldo retires in 2035, I guess that’s when Juve will finally have a chance to beat Real Madrid.

Champions League Game Time Thread: Juventus vs. Real Madrid


This stream has:

Juventus vs. Real Madrid, Champions League Quarterfinals, Leg 1: Full match coverage

Champions League Preview: Juventus vs. Real Madrid

Saturday night at Allianz Stadium was a big game. Tonight’s game at Allianz Stadium is much, much bigger.

Allegri: In Cardiff, Juve just gave up

Manager’s comments ahead of key first leg Champions League clash against Real Madrid

Talkin’ tactics: Looking at what Real Madrid could bring to the table against Juventus

Round two between Massimiliano Allegri and Zinedine Zidane

The Composite XI: Combining Juventus and Real Madrid to form a 4-3-3

Who’s ready to play a little game? C’mon!

March’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: Football, bloody hell

The words of the great Sir Alex Ferguson seem to perfectly describe what was an absolutely enthralling month of action.

Giorgio Chiellini won’t take part in Italy’s friendlies against Argentina, England

The most likely result after he was called up for international duty has taken place. Now, we wait.

Report: Giorgio Chiellini at risk of missing Real Madrid clash due to injury

Of course he is.

Juventus drawn against Real Madrid in Champions League quarterfinals

Hey, did you hear these two teams played in the Champions League final last season? I wonder if anybody will mention that in the next few weeks.

Open Champions League Quarterfinal Draw Thread

There are teams to be drawn for the Champions League quarterfinals. Bet you didn’t know that until now.

Analyzing Juventus’ potential opponents in the Champions League quarterfinal draw

Who‘s the best draw for the Bianconeri as they look to make the semifinals for the third time in four years.


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