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Reports: Juventus to offer Paulo Dybala a contract extension through 2021 season

Juventus FC v Cagliari Calcio - Serie A Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

The one thing that is almost as certain to happen as boredom during international breaks is the rehashing of rumors we heard during the previous international break or the recent summer transfer window. There’s time to fill, boys and girls, and sometimes going back to what we’ve heard before is the go-to talking point when there’s nothing really else to talk about.

And as of late, just like we heard back at the beginning of August, talk of Juventus extending Paulo Dybala’s contract has resurfaced with an international break on the horizon following this weekend’s set of games.

According to both and La Stampa, Juventus are — again — ready to offer Dybala a contract extension through the 2021 season and give him a hefty pay raise worth between €4.5 million and €5 million a season, which would make him Juve’s second-highest annual earner behind fellow striker Gonzalo Higuain. Dybala, one of Juventus’ most-valued assets, is considered “untouchable” while, understandably, being considered one of the club’s building blocks heading into the future — both immediate and long-term as well.

Say, that sounds pretty good to me...

Extending Dybala’s contract to 2021 would see another year tacked onto the deal he originally signed last summer when he arrived from Palermo on a deal that could be worth €40 million when it’s all said and done. Dybala, 22, currently earns €3 million a season — the same as both Hernanes and Juan Cuadrado.

Part of the reasoning behind why Juventus wants to lock up Dybala to an even longer contract is the fact that rumors of Europe’s big-money heavyweights — namely Barcelona — potentially making a run at Dybala come next summer at the earliest. That’s no surprise considering what Dybala has done with Juventus thus far and where many project him to be skill-wise in a year or two.

Lock up Dybala, keep him happy, keep him in Turin. He’s such a nice young man, so who wouldn’t want to see him stick around for many years to come? I know I want to see that happen.