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How should Juventus line up against Palermo in Saturday’s trip to the Renzo Barbera?

What team would you roll out to take on Palermo?

Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

After two and a half years of commenting, I'm very excited to be joining the BWRAO writing and moderator team. The main reason I wanted to get involved is because I believe that we have a great group of readers here, and there should be at some sort of representation of our thoughts and beliefs in the articles that are posted.

What I have come up with to solve this, is a voting system on what you guys believe the formation and Starting XI should be for every game. Credit for this one goes to SBN’s Chelsea page, We Ain't Got No HIstory, as they've been doing this for quite some time now and I thought it would be a fun idea to do it over here as well. The results of the vote can be viewed live, and there will also be a follow-up article that will go out before the game.

To put our own BWRAO spin to this, I've also added an area for you to justify some of your interesting inclusions, and a few of these will be posted in the follow-up article (include username if you'd like credit). I will also add in some voting on some hot topics that have been debated in the comments recently.

Juve will be heading into the Renzo Barbera to take on Palermo this Saturday at noon EST. This is the first Serie A game of the week, so for our Fantasy players, make sure to set your lineups as they lock an hour before game time.

Midweek against Cagliari, Max opted to give Sami Khedira some much-needed rest, as well as Leonardo Bonucci, Stephan Lichtsteiner, and Kwadwo Asamoah. Juan Cuadrado's availability status is still uncertain, so I have decided to include him in the options.

With an arguably 'must-win' Champions League game on Tuesday against Dinamo Zagreb in Croatia, would you like to see a rotated squad, or are these early Serie A points too valuable to risk rotating for? Vote below! The results will be posted in a few days, as well as a few different takes on the lineup.

Remember, this is not what you expect the lineup to be, this is what you would do or what you would like to see.

Live Results available here.