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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Paul Pogba given permission to undergo medical with Manchester United

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

We have officially reached an ending to one of the most drawn out transfer sagas of recent memory.

Manchester United have announced on its website that Paul Pogba has been granted permission to undergo his medical before signing for what is almost assuredly is a world-record transfer fee that will be soaring into nine digits. What say you, Man U?

Paul Pogba has been granted permission to have a medical in order to finalise his transfer from Juventus to Manchester United.

I guess that's all you need to write, really.

This announcement, one that has seemingly been "48 hours away" for weeks now, puts an end to months — hell, years if you want to go back to the very start of it all — of speculation regarding Pogba's future with Juventus. Rumors, rumors everywhere! That was what we were subjected to ever since Pogba broke out as one of Europe's best young talents under Antonio Conte and then later Max Allegri.

This summer was by far the topper of them all, though.

First it was Real Madrid. Then it was Manchester United. Then it was maybe Real Madrid getting back in after all signs pointed toward Manchester United. It was a vicious cycle of Pogba exit rumors without much changing other than the fact that all the talk was becoming incredibly tiresome. It didn't help that Pogba's agent is Mino Raiola or that adidas felt the need to go "BLAH BLAH BLAH!" and all of that nonsense.

But now Pogba is just a few small steps away from making a return to United official. At least it means all of this will be coming to an end and both clubs can move on from months of blah, blah, blah.

Oh, Paul. Not now.