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Antonio Conte once again declares that Juan Cuadrado is a Chelsea player

Former Juventus manager and new Chelsea boss Antonio Conte speaks, you can choose to listen.

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

When it comes to Juventus transfer talk these days, it obviously centers around Paul Pogba and goes from there. That means the impact of what a potential move to Manchester United would mean to be Juventus' bank account and then what the club could be doing in an attempt to sign a replacement. There's no escaping it. That's how it's been for weeks.

So when it comes to talk of Juan Cuadrado potentially coming back to Juventus for another season (or more), it seems as though mum's the word these days. And some of that has to do with what known Cuadrado admirer, new Chelsea manager Antonio Conte has had to say about the Colombian winger since taking over in London.

Conte once again reaffirmed that Cuadrado is in his plans for this upcoming season, one that is quickly approaching with all clubs in the middle of their preseason preparations. Even with rumors of Juventus and potentially AC Milan getting in on a bid for Cuadrado, Mr. Conte is, unsurprisingly, having none of it.

"Cuadrado is a Chelsea player," Conte said in a press conference.

"He has worked very hard and is training very hard with us. Everyone knows what I think about Juan Cuadrado. Everyone knows that good players have a lot of interest in the transfer window.

"Now he's a Chelsea player and happy. If you ask me what could happen in the future, I can't answer Juan Cuadrado and other players."

(Source: Football Italia)

Conte may say what he said in the final graf of the quote above now, but if he wants Cuadrado to stay at Chelsea, then I feel pretty confident that Cuadrado is going to be staying at Chelsea.

And seeing as Juventus has added a pretty dang good wingback in Dani Alves, a young and talented winger in Marko Pjaca and is pretty capped out in terms of additions outside of maybe a central midfielder should Pogba make his way to Manchester (and blah blah blah!), then bringing in Cuadrado could just mean playing time would be even that much tougher to come by than it was last season.

Could Cuadrado be useful in this Juventus squad? Yeah, probably given his attributes. But where's he going to fit? That's the main thing with the way the roster has been constructed this summer. While some of may like Cuadrado as a player, it's hard to see where he fits into this current Juventus puzzle as the month of August starts up.