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Report: Juan Cuadrado wants to return to Serie A, not stay at Chelsea this season

International Champions Cup 2016 - Real Madrid v Chelsea Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

While we wait for Juventus’ transfer generals, Beppe Marotta and Fabio Paratici, to hammer out the details of potentially having central midfielder being signed, we know the club is still trying to get things done on the Juan Cuadrado front.

Dry loan deal?

Loan deal with an option to buy?

Where it will stop, nobody knows!

But, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport on Monday morning, one thing about Cuadrado is certain — he’s got a big-time desire to return to Serie A (again) and have that Italian team he plays for be Juventus (again). Considering that his future at Chelsea seems rather bleak after not being called up once again by new Blues manager Antonio Conte, a return to Italy may be the Colombian’s best shot at regular playing time if he wants to play at a team that wants him before the January transfer window arrives.

Logic, there’s plenty of it going on.

The one sticking point, as seems to be the case in just about all of Juve and Chelsea’s negotiations is just how the deal is constructed. To the surprise of no one who can read the writing on the wall, Chelsea want a deal that sees Cuadrado’s future sealed beyond just the 2016-17 season. Translation: If Cuadrado were to join Juventus on a loan deal, Chelsea wants there to be an obligation attached to it.

To date, what has been reported is that while Juventus are potentially open to signing Cuadrado on a loan-with-option-to-buy basis, a single-season loan deal with a fee of €4 million or €5 million has been put on the table. Talks between Juventus and Chelsea are scheduled to try and find some kind of framework for a deal, according to Gianluca Di Marzio. What comes out of it obviously remains to be seen.

Maybe the fact that there’s less than five days left in the summer transfer window will put some kind of urgency into negotiations. Hopefully, for the sake of this not dragging on much further, that will happen. Because if something doesn’t happen, then Cuadrado is looking at a time with Chelsea that probably looks a lot like what things were like when he first arrived in London.