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Report: West Ham closing in on signing Juventus striker Simone Zaza

SS Lazio v Juventus FC - TIM Cup Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

If it seems like we’ve been down somewhat of the same road before, it’s probably because we have. We’ve heard about Simone Zaza being close to signing with a team in a different league and country before.

It was Wolfsburg last time.

It’s West Ham this time.

The talk of Zaza trading in Serie A for the English Premier League has only picked up steam in the last 24 hours or so. Considering that West Ham manager Slaven Bilic has been complimentary of Zaza when speaking of any kind of pursuit for a second consecutive summer, you can pretty much put two and two together to decipher that a move is being negotiated between his club and Juventus.

More on said matter, courtesy of Gianluca Di Marzio:

Zaza is heading towards the EPL. West Ham's pressing is very strong as a deal is edging closer between both clubs. Zaza would move to West Ham on a loan with an obligation to buy set at 28 million euros (bonuses included). Zaza could already travel to London tomorrow night or on Friday morning. Today he received a phone call of Bilic, as they discussed about football topics.

We’ve seen Zaza’s rumored price be anywhere from €22 million, to €25 million and now €28 million when you factor in the loan fee and obligation to buy.

For his sake, if Zaza’s really traveling to England in the next day or two, let’s hope things are finalized and don’t end up going like they did when he flew out to Germany a couple of weeks ago. We thought with the visit to the Wolfsburg facilities that things were pretty much a done deal at that point. Little did we know that with less than a week to go in the transfer window that Zaza would still be a Juventus player and that it would be a different Serie A striker, former Fiorentina man Mario Gomez, signing with the German side.

But seeing as West Ham have been courting Zaza for essentially the last 12 months, when word of this deal being close to getting done, there’s an end point in sight. Maybe I said that with the Wolfsburg move, too, but West Ham have been there ever since Zaza transfer rumors began just a few weeks after he signed with Juventus.

Funny how that works. But hey, if there’s an actually resolution in sight, then so be it.